An important, if not as fun, part of the wedding dress process is the cleaning of the dress after the big day. It is best to have your gown cleaned as soon as possible to help prevent stains becoming embedded and oxidised. So who do you go to?

wedding dress cleaning

More recently we have heard of a few brides who have had, lets say, a slight mishap with their wedding dress at the cleaners.  Whilst I don’t want to lay any fault at high street cleaning companies, we are surprised to see a beautiful silk wedding dress put through a wet wash, without testing a fabric sample of the dress beforehand.

We can let you into our secret and its called ‘Nicky’ well actually its called ‘Boxed Bridal’.  Not only do they have the best knowledge on cleaning dresses but they also treat with them great care, often requesting dress swatch samples from us and putting so much passion into getting the dress as close as possible to its new condition. The lovely team at Boxed Bridal visit us weekly, so you can either drop your dress off with us or direct to the Boxed Bridal headquarters outside Southampton.

wedding dress cleaning

If you are planning to keep your wedding dress as a memory of your day, following the cleaning process the correct storage is vital to ensure the long term condition.  Final storage in a pH neutral environment eliminating contact with acid or alkali which would cause yellowing or discolouration as the years go by. The Boxed Bridal range of preservation boxes are the perfect home.

wedding dress preservation box

So how much does the cleaning cost you ask? For a t-length dress its £80 and for a very full or silk dress it is £160.00. Boxing is £50.00 – £80.00 and there are a choice of 4 beautiful box colours.