Well autumn is well and truly here now and what a fabulous summer it has been (well maybe not the weather!).

Sopley Mill bride

Jo at Sopley Mill

We have been very busy here at Brides of Winchester, helping lots of brides find their dream gowns and also with the fittings of our summer brides. We always build up such a close relationship with our brides, that its always a little sad when we say goodbye to them. So when they send us photos afterwards of them on their wedding day, it truly makes our day.


So to say thanks to all our lovely brides for sending us their photos, we would like to share with you some of the photos of our summer brides.


Lara & Andy 406

Photo by Nova Wedding Photography

Photo by www.robertlongford.com

chanticleer bride

four seasons wedding

Photo by Cooper Photography.

paige by so sassi

indulgence nicola anne

chanticleer bride



Photo by Frances Bradburn.

Photo by Frances Bradburn.