We asked our gorgeous real brides what their best wedding tips were – here’s what they said their top tips were!

“Don’t stress the small stuff!  There are so many things that you think you must include and it is just not like that.  All your guest care about is spending the day with you and having a great time.” Gemma

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“My husband and I were unable to go away on honeymoon immediately after our wedding due to work and not being able to choose our holiday dates, but this worked in our favour.  We had so many family and friends come from overseas for our big day and we were able to spend a few days with them, relax, organise ourselves and take everything in.  I would advise anyone to wait a few days at least before going away.” Nicky

“Accept any offers that you get to save you time and money. We borrowed many of our decorations, my Dad wrote our invitations, parents gathered old photos and we got given place settings from a supplier Matthew worked with. People want to be involved and it can take the pressure off you both to allow them to help” Lucy

“My number one tip is to take your time and not stress too much over little details. We spent a long time planning our wedding, which meant that the last couple of weeks weren’t stressful or busy. Come the actual day, the things you think you’ll worry about just don’t matter anymore.” Rebecca

“Not to worry too much about the little details such as chair covers and music- as the day just flies by. So along with that- just like I was advised- really try to enjoy the day- what will be, will be! Appreciate every moment and get lots of videos- just from guests! It has been wonderful to look back on the day through different eyes!” Sarah

Photo by Philip Hardman

“Make the day your own. The things that you, and your guests will remember are the small things that you put your heart and soul into. The bits that are who you are as a couple. My favourite things about our wedding were the things that people looked and were like, oh that is so them. We had bowls of Lego on our tables, as Hugh is obsessed. Our blessing was all created by us, and we wrote our own vows. Everything that was part of our day was a reflection of our personalities.” Charlotte

“Don’t forget it is your day – you cannot please everyone. Make sure the wedding reflects you as a couple.” Keely

“I think the tip would be to research everything, try not to buy on impulse.” Leah

“Just enjoy every moment, and be sure to grab some time with your new husband on the day, to enjoy it together. The day just fly’s by, but we have so many happy memories, all of the planning is worth it!!” Katrina 

“Have something nice for you and your girls to wear while getting ready in the morning.  I only sorted something the week before the wedding, but I am so glad that I did as it makes such a difference in the photos.” Nicky

“If you’ve run out of time to make/buy a decoration, don’t panic, no one will notice.” Keely

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“Don’t worry about a thing honestly, you can’t control everything. You will have a perfect day.” Kathryn

“I am naturally a very organised person. I had a spreadsheet setting out deposits we had paid, the balance and when it was due. I am not saying be that organised – but a little organisation does help make you feel less stressed leading up to the big day.” Lauren

“Hm its a tough one as what we found was – every single wedding is SO different to the next! You can’t really compare… we are all unique and our weddings should be too! I guess that’s our advice – work together, listen to each other, and most importantly… make sure the day is yours, reflects you two as a couple and ENJOY IT!” Hettie

“My wedding advice is relax and have fun, the most important part is getting married in front of everyone you care about.” Mellisa

“Have a budget but be open to compromise.  My husband and I picked one thing that we each wanted to “splurge” on (after my outfit, of course!) – he picked the band that we had for the evening and I picked our photographer.” Suzi

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“Start planning early and treasure every minute of the whole experience.  Enjoy selecting your dress and personalising it to you at BoW.  Enjoy the cake and meal tastings!  Enjoy your time with your family and friends on the day, as it will fly by, and you will be left with so many happy memories.” Louise 

“One of my biggest tips is, a week before the wedding, do not stress if anything doesn’t go to plan. None of your guests know what you have planned, so it doesn’t matter, your day will still be perfect.” Lauren

“Do get a wedding planner folder or notebook; it became my bible for ideas, storing important paperwork together as well as keeping notes of what we had and had not done.” Pamela

Photo by Darren Matthew Wedding Photography (SDM Images)

“Enjoy every second as it will go so quickly so just don’t worry about the small stuff! You are marrying the love of your life and celebrating it with your most favourite people, the rest is just a bonus.” Melissa

“I’d also say, if you can afford it, get a wedding video. I wasn’t convinced it was necessary but my dad talked me into it. I’m so glad he did. I am totally in love with our gorgeous highlight reel from Devoted Films; I’ve watched it so many times I think I know it off by heart!” Rebecca

“This is your day as a couple, to celebrate your union.  If you haven’t heard from Aunty Beryl since you were two years’ old, you don’t need to invite her if you don’t want to.” Suzi

“To have calm people around you. Getting ready in the morning is so exciting and is where I started to get full of adrenaline! I made sure that I had calm people around me, like my bridesmaids and even my hairdresser Lauren, as that way if anything doesn’t go quite to plan or you run late there’s not a big drama and panic.” Ellie

Photo by Nicky Todd

“Chose your photographer carefully; when the day is over you want brilliant photos you’ll be happy looking at forever.” Pamela

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