If the brides dress is the most important outfit in the wedding party, then the mother of the bride and groom surely come a close second.

When is the best time to look for your outfit?

It’s never too early to start looking for your perfect outfit – the wedding may seem a long way off but it’s always a good idea to start getting ideas and trying on outfits to see what really suits you. Generally speaking, the new seasons deliveries arrive twice a year usually early spring and late autumn. Give yourself time don’t leave it until the last minute in case you need any alterations for that ideal tailored fit.

Where to start… Go to an expert

You may have some idea of what you are looking for, but if knowing where to start baffles you seek out the experts. Walking into a shop that specialises in occasion wear means you are in safe hands. The internet is a useful tool to look at styles and images but nothing beats being looked after properly by an experienced assistant who will have had lots of practice at dressing many mothers of the bride or groom. Whilst it’s your decision its worth taking advice and help from someone who knows their trade.

Phone a Friend….

Go prepared – Take an unbiased friend with you when you go trying on outfits, that way you won’t feel under pressure to buy the wrong thing. Your sales assistant will ask lots of questions. Do you know the colour scheme of the wedding? What are the bridesmaids wearing? Do you have any ideas of what you’re looking for? So be prepared before you set off.

Don’t let the outfit wear you….

The key factor to avoid looking frumpy or old fashioned relies on many factors. When you get the right combination of colour, fit, correct tailoring you will look stunning and feel special. Be wary of standing out in the wrong way – stylish elegant and complimentary is the way to go.   What do you see first when you look at yourself in the outfit? If you see the dress more than you – you’ve got it wrong. When you have the perfect combination, the dress will become you and you’ll be complimented on your style.

Be comfortable and confident so that you can enjoy the day.

Firm foundations….

To stand a good chance of having an idea what fits you make sure you wear correct fitting underwear. Take or wear a pair of tights and a pair of shoes with the right height heal that you’ll be comfortable wearing. Take the opportunity to treat yourself there are specialist lingerie suppliers where you can take your outfit and they will fit you with the correct foundation garments. The difference that it can make is incredible!!

Should you wear a hat or fascinator….

Wearing the right hat or fascinator will put the finishing touch to your outfit. Your daughter or son’s wedding gives you the perfect opportunity to dress up for the occasion. Wearing the right hat or fascinator is that one accessory that sets you apart from the rest. The same rule applies don’t let the hat wear you… when you’ve got it right it adds a touch of class and elegance to your ensemble. Though hats have long been the traditional choice for ladies for special occasions, fascinators have become increasingly popular. Fascinators are easy and versatile to wear and allow you to show off your hairstyle. Easily attached, with either combs or clips, fascinators are the perfect way to finish off your look, but without the need for a hat.

Hatinators or sometimes called discs, are a great solution to ladies with petite frames or smaller faces. Hatinators have more structure than a fascinator and are increasingly popular for those who maybe feel a hat is too much for them.

Where to find us…..

Here at Honeysuckle Home and Fashion we specialise in mother of the bride and groom occasion wear. We have a wonderful range of gorgeous dresses, dresses with jackets and evening wear to suit all styles of weddings and special occasions. There is also a full range of hats and fascinators to hire or buy to complete your new outfit.

Marina and her team are always available to help you make the right choice for your special day.

Honeysuckle’s village showroom is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm and other times by appointment.

Rectory Road, Oakley, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG23 7LJ

Telephone 01256 780831 Email designteam@honeysuckleinteriors.co.uk

Web site www.honeysuckleinteriors.co.uk

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