I know that Nikki and Christian will not mind me blogging about their Wedding Day as it was perfect and Nikki looked amazing.

I first met Nikki when she was originally looking for her dress back when we first opened. There were many dresses tried on and Nikki often popped back so we got to know her friendly face.  Nikki found her dream dress which was not from Brides of Winchester at that point.  

However, Nikki kept popping back in and brought other wedding things such as her shoes and we loved seeing her and getting an update on how the wedding plans were coming along.

About 5 weeks before her wedding I was in the shop with another family and a young couple came into the shop.  I was busy and I said I would be with them very shortly, then I heard one of the girls burst into tears. I realised it was the lovely Nikki, I was shocked and asked her whatever was wrong.
They started to tell me of the awful disaster to Nikkis lovely gown which had been taken to be cleaned following some alterations. Unfortunately the black beading on the dress had melted over parts of the gown. It was ruined.  I felt very upset for them both. 

Nikki needed a dress quickly and we called one of our designers Tracy Salt of ‘Chanticleer’ and asked her if she would be able to make a new dress for Nikki in time for her wedding. Nikki tried on lots of the dresses again and decided on a beautiful Ivory Silk Dupion gown called Bayadere and we set it in motion.
When the dress arrived in the shop, Nikki was absolutely delighted with her dress and looked stunning in it.  There wasnt a dry eye in the place!!!
Nikki and Christians wedding went off without any further hitches and they had a dream day.  I have posted a few photos from their wedding day for you to see.
Dress – Bayerdere in Ivory Silk Dupion

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