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The New Bride Discovery Call…

an innovative approach to first bridal appointments by Hampshire’s Leading luxurious bridal boutique

The New Bride Discovery Call

A first step appointment making life easier for busy brides looking for an exciting new way to start to their bridal fashion shopping journey.


Are you a bride looking to find a timeless, effortlessly elegant and luxury wedding gown? If so, this is the helping hand you will need to start that adventure, easily!



Because you are about to take a decision to support yourself and your bridal aspirations. Because by booking this call you are taking steps to ensure your bridal style and vision comes to life comfortably and effortlessly. You’re showing up, pouring your heart into your wedding, and you are committed to making the bold decisions you need to over the coming months. This is amazing!

We know you want your day to reflect you both, we also know you want to feel utterly beautiful yet comfortable in your gown. So now it’s time to start making these two desires happen.

Why book a discovery call?

More enjoyment
More fun
Greater satisfaction
Easy relaxed appointment
No nerves, just excitement
More being and ease

Knowing we have the perfect gowns for you to try on in the boutique
Reassurance for your face-to-face appointment
Comfort as you know us already
No emotional overwhelm


As though you need a helping hand at the start of your bridal journey we are here for you. By taking this step and booking the discovery call:

  • You will be ready to confidently own your bridal shopping process and experience
  • You will be committed to showing up for yourself and working out what you truly deserve and desire with your wedding gown, and wedding day look
  • You can be eager and excited to follow the process, without being weighed down mentally by conditioning, doubt, low confidence and self esteem issues
  • You won’t have to be nervous about meeting “strangers” at the critical time of your first appointment because we will have already “Zoomed”. Let’s face it you want your appointments to be easy, and work flawlessly,
  • You can be delighted at the thought of sharing these moments with your most supportive people, whilst still having the confidence and ability to retain a little control and independence with our support.
  • You can be confident and relaxed enough to use your best energy creates, allowing you to embrace all your positivity, to shop for and show up as your “best bridal self”
  • You will feel less anxiety and more ease, flow, and flexibility, over your bridal appointments, and
  • Above all else curious, open and welcoming of the possibility you have found the perfect bridal boutique to go all-in for yourself and invest in your perfect wedding gown passions…


Here’s the truth

“The best is yet to come”

This next chapter is all about owning who you are and getting confidently comfortable at a bridal appointment, so start finding out the why behind BOW on a discovery call. We know we are the perfect bridal team working to ensure you have the ultimate experience finding your wedding gown.


Exceptional Cut, Fit & Finish EVERYTIME

We understand the female form and what it takes to select a dress that not only looks extraordinary but feels sensational. For us, it all started with beautiful fabric that catches the light, gowns that frame, support and highlight your body, and designs that create your perfect style statement. It is as much about feeling incredible as it is giving you a flirtatious, adventurous and confident feeling”

Laura, Founder and Owner of Brides of Winchester.”


“Your bridal journey as well as your gown”


When you are clear on your goals and next steps, you can enjoy the process in a calm, dedicated and passion orientated way, ensuring you can actually feel excitement


How you can be empowered and bold during your face to face appointments, without burning out from stress, confusion and overwhelm


This is when you embrace feelings of comfort, which sets up confidence-boosting transformations, you can also regularly honour and influence your boundaries


You feel connected to the boutique and the team allowing you to make intuitive decisions and ensuring you trust yourself to navigate your journey smoothly


This is when you expand your support team by adding the perfect bridal boutique. By selecting carefully, with consideration of the services we offer, you ensure bridal harmony up to and well after your wedding day.


This is where you fully embrace and immerses yourself into your perfect bridal journey alongside your new team. By taking time to ensure you are in alignment, honouring you values and retaining your full integrity and beliefs

Bold & vibrant

This is where you cancel out stress-inducing discontent and confusion to embrace a perfect appointment with bold and vibrant open-mindedness, ensuring you enjoy freedom of thought, flexibility and the ultimate joy of finding your gown.

Free of charge

Our New Bride discovery call is free and we have created a brilliant how-to guide to take you from WOW OMG to OH WOW in our time together (see below). If we are not the perfect boutique for you, there is no pressure to book a face-to-face appointment.

Our brides

“Experience exceptional bridal journeys supported by our exceptional, talented and creative designers who are fiercely passionate about bridal style, gown quality and attention to detail”

Tasha, Marketing Manager and Stylist at Brides of Winchester.”

Our brides experience results such as…

  • Expanding and improving their body confidence realising that shopping with the “I will diet into my gown” is one of the worst mistakes to make and that they can implicitly trust our fitting approach every time
  • Realising they can look to their day-to-day wardrobe first and foremost because looking at the beloved shapes and silhouettes that flatter them on a day-to-day basis is insightful and inspiring
  • That reducing the endless options open to them on social media once they have found their dress is a healthy and wise approach
  • A deeper understanding of how trusting a few carefully researched and selected bridal boutiques is more powerful than booking into every boutique possible in a 50 mile radius
  • The realisation is that it is ok to carefully select who they bring to their bridal shopping appointments, as too many opinions make it harder for them to make a decision. This is because multiple opinions add infinite layers of hesitation and confusion, and can significantly remove the ability to focus, refine and feel special
  • That when they go into a bridal appointment unwilling or unable to discuss their gown budget openly or honestly it ensures they open themselves to overwhelm, confusion and frustration, they now know we ask with sensitivity and no judgement, and simply so we can support with absolute focus and clarity. 

Why book a New Bride Discovery Call?

How long does the call last?

This is a 15-minute Zoom-based video call available at 10 am on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, bookable via our online calendar system.

What will we accomplish together?

This first Zoom call is all about giving you the confidence to book a face-to-face appointment at Brides of Winchester. It will give you the power to own your bridal aspirations and share what inspires you. It will allow you to tell us what plans you have already in place and feel connected to our boutique. We would love you to use lots of energy telling us about your plans and getting confident and comfortable talking openly with us. This is about making sure we are a perfect fit together and the right experts for your bridal journey.

What will we accomplish together?

Founded in Winchester, Hampshire in the autumn of 2010, Brides of Winchester is a destination boutique renowned for its private, personal, and one-to-one bridal appointments tailored for brides who are searching for timeless, effortlessly elegant and luxury wedding gowns. All our gowns are designed by exclusive, couture-minded, and highly sought-after women bridal designers and entrepreneurs.

As a boutique, we are committed to supporting our clients on their bridal fashion journey, advising them, and helping them to find their perfect wedding gown. We believe a bride’s journey should be an empowering, exciting, inspirational and personalised experience, one embarked upon solo, or shared with their most supportive nearest and dearest people. When it comes to our gowns, we seek out designers with a legacy and an heirloom-worthy approach to bridal fashion. This is always made up of three intricate things, exceptional fabrics, a first-class design process and a constant commitment to excellence. We visit their studios to see exactly how their gowns are made, with the aim of meeting the designers and teams behind the magic personally.

Our curated collections blend our designer’s most iconic, exceptional, trend-focused and luxurious gowns, with each dress being created with ultimate care, finesse, and attention to detail.

Why are we taking this new approach?

‘I’ve thought more about how we can modernise our approach and lead with our bridal boutique since the pandemic stopped life, marriages, weddings and the celebratory joy experienced by couples during wedding planning. Our work ethic, communication, brand, marketing and purpose drive the boutique to success, but it is our sense of community that creates connection, reputation, fulfilment and happiness. When we have brides and their families in the boutique it is the meaningful, substantive conversations during an appointment that creates a lasting connection, and a joyful experience. Our purpose has evolved since the pandemic… our aim is “to unlock and communicate what the power in having a positive and beautiful bridal appointment brings to brides during their wedding planning, whilst at the same time ensuring we give to our community to fund services to support and enable experts focused on providing women in vulnerable situations a brighter future.” says Laura Ward, Founder and Owner of Brides of Winchester.

These things make us proud, do they connect with you?

Our boutique is a women lead, women-founded, and women-orientated community

Our bridal designers are all woman entrepreneurs, who run women-founded, women-orientated inspirational businesses

Our clients are multi-generational, multi-ethnic, vibrant, extraordinary women

Their guests are multi-generational, multi-ethnic, vibrant, extraordinary women, and finally that

Our sector is 80% female-led made up of over 400,000 workers in every urban and rural space in the UK. That our sector The ‘UK wedding industry’ provides over £10bn to the UK economy every year, and is serviced by approximately 137,000 businesses. (Source What About Weddings)

What are the price ranges of your collections?

Our collections range from £1,800-£6900, most between £2200-£4000.

What do we know about wedding planning?

We know wedding planning can be a stressful process.

So it’s important to align with wedding creatives who not only provide exceptional customer service and products but who also support you along the way.

After all, if you don’t enjoy your wedding specialists as humans, it’s going to be a long process working together.

You don’t need to be besties but seeing eye to eye on values is a must. The planning process should be one you feel supported on, enjoy and find uplifting.

Through the gallery, bio, and “about me” sections as well as our social posts and website we lay these out for you.

However never be afraid to sit down face to face with a prospective supplier and ask them about them.

We have always imagined our values.
But let our service to brides to the talking.

Over the coming months, we are bringing these values front and centre

“Creative, Modern and Mindful”

These are our values, they dictate how we conduct our business and who we are not just as a wedding boutique, but as individuals too. Fashion for a wedding is an intimate and emotional journey, so it is only fitting that the person supporting you throughout the process has values that align with your priorities.

New bride discovery call

Book your video call today

“The imagery on this page is by brilliantly talented wedding creatives. We would love you to contact them with regards to your wedding photography. First is Angela Ward-Brown, Winchester-based photography goddess and Stu Cooper of Cooper Photography, film photography and wedding portraiture expert.”

Tasha, Marketing Manager and Stylist at Brides of Winchester.”

Bridal Appointment First Steps Made Easy