Wedding Dress Designer Charlie BrearCharlie Brear

Charlie Brear, designed and produced in the UK and only stocked in a small selection of handpicked, exclusive boutiques, is the selected design house for the style- aware bride. This is a stunning range of gowns in luxurious fabrics: sand washed silk, soft tulles, chiffon and lace with accents of exquisite hand beading. Without a doubt this collection represents the ultimate in contemporary cool, femininity and the perfect choice if you’re on the hunt for a super-stylish dress.

What we love: You can be a bride like no other, truly individual. A seemingly simple crepe, satin or chiffon dress can be layered with anything from sequinned overdresses and tiered skirts to silk sashes to effortlessly create a bespoke look to reflect your unique personality. Combinations of individually stunning pieces, allow endless possibilities to transform a look throughout the day and night.

Prices start from £1300 

Charlie Brear Gallery

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