Today we are featuring our stunning bride Tara who got married at Rivervale Barn on 16th November 2018 wearing Devoted by Nicola Anne. Her beautiful photos are by Stephanie Kalber.

Tell us about finding the dress 

I initially chose the Alyssia dress by Nicola Anne but after falling pregnant the team at BOW and Nicola were so kind and allowed me to change dress to the Devoted which would be much more accommodating for my growing bump! Viki was so kind and arranged lots of fittings for me until the last minute as I was changing each time! Sounds like a nightmare but it was made so much easier by Viki at BOW!

 How did you choose your venue?

After seeing so many online, we fell in love with the big window at the front of the ceremony barn and chose an autumn date so that we got those gorgeous colours through the window!

  How did you choose your photographer?

I knew Steph from my hockey club and had also used her as a photographer at work. I loved the way she worked with people and as well as being an amazing photographer – she’s a pretty amazing human too!

How did you feel on the morning?

Walking down the aisle and during  the ceremony I was so excited to be marrying Simon but I was terrified of walking down the aisle whilst 6 months pregnant. Your wedding day is when you’re meant to look your slimmest and most beautiful and I felt quite large waddling down the aisle. As soon as I saw Simon though – that fear completely melted!

  What was your wedding theme and how did you create it?

We didn’t really have a theme. Kept it simple with autumn flowers.

 What flowers did you choose? 

I’m rubbish with my flower names but I know that there were some anemones, peonies, ranunculus, succulents and lots of eucalyptus. All in white, blush and deep red.

What cake did you choose?

This was supplied by the venue and was a tower of cheese!

What was your first dance? 

September by Earth, Wind & Fire as our first date was on “the 21st night of September”

Top tip(s) for other brides

Take lots of mental photos from your view during the day as all the photos will be from the other direction looking at you. I took mental snapshots and hope they last my whole life.

Highlight of the day 

The ceremony. I thought it would be the most boring bit but I loved it and it’s the part when we got married!

List of wedding suppliers not mentioned above 

Flower Monkey

Galloping Gourmet

Natural Light Films – Michael Coburn

Rivervale Beauty

Grace & Bramble



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