Our #bowbride of the week, is our gorgeous Alice who married on 28 June 2017 at  Brighton Bandstand and wore Corthinia by Chanticleer. Her fabulous photos are by Dominic Mortier @darkmoonmedia.

Tell us about the dress

When Laura pulled it for me I hated it! She explained that they had already decided it was the one for me and I had to try it on. Reluctantly I put the dress on and instantly fell in love! It was me all over, a gothic white lace fantasy. I customised it with a black bow round the middle to make it more my style. It was the second dress I tried on and it was Instant love. The neckline was straight but I wanted a sweetheart neckline so as to showcase my chest tattoos. It was very important to me that my tattoos were visible almost as though a part of the dress.

How did you choose your photographer?

Ashley and I are models and Dominic had shot us both a few times previously. We love his editing style and he’s a close friend of ours so it was an easy choice. We were not disappointed, he ended up being a kind of wedding planner as well, absolute babe!

Who did your hair and makeup and where did you find them?

I worked at a wedding fair in Winchester and the girls Sian and Lisa that work at byootefel were also there. They had a competition to win hair and make-up for one brides wedding and so I applied, they were such lovely girls! The next day they emailed me to tell me that I had won! I was so excited! We spoke a lot over the next few months and they came to do a trial hair and make-up day at my house. It was so much fun and we went into every detail of the day. On the day they were more than just stylist they kept me sane, cleaned up the room when I had run out of time, made us all laugh, dressed me and filled me with even more confidence about how I looked. I have never felt more beautiful in my life. I cannot recommend these girls highly enough, total angels

How did you choose your venue

Ash and I went back and forth for almost six months. Our original plan was to get married in Italy but this turned out to be more nightmare than Fairy Tale. Eventually we agreed that Brighton was the place for us to get married as it is our favourite place in the world and it’s quite a quirky place. It was important that I got to get married outside, and the bandstand overlooking the sea and the beach was perfect.

How did you feel on the morning? Walking down the aisle and during the ceremony

In the morning I just felt sheer excitement to see Ash again and become his wife. We’ll chilled out, had a laugh and some bubbles and a lot of cuddles. Walking down the aisle with my amazing dad, he took me half way because I wanted to walk the last section of it on my own to give myself to Ash. Seeing his face light up at the end was amazing and we both cried the whole way through. The ceremony felt surreal it was amazing to see all our family’s smiling faces looking up at us, my brother singing a song dedicated to us and my older brother doing a beautiful Reading. Ash and I wrote Our Own vows to each other, which at the time was very difficult to read, but it was so so beautiful and meant a lot more.

What was your wedding theme and how did you create it?

We didn’t have a theme. We just wanted it to be totally us and in a place that we love and in a non traditional setting. We had splashes of black and a few skulls dotted around to make it a bit more us. We are both vegan and so that was an imperative part of our day. Brighton is known for its vegan cuisine and we all ate like Kings.

What flowers did you choose?

I went with bright pink and purple pastel roses for the day with black ribbon. I chose pastel pink to match my hair – it looked glorious.

What was the funniest moment of the day

When everyone was a bit drunk and Queens “Don’t stop me now came on”, everyone ran from their seats and joined the circle, to come up with their own dance moves, it was so funny!  Laughter didn’t stop all day!

Top tip(s) for other brides:

Number one tip for brides;  don’t stress about a thing, because even if something tiny goes wrong, it doesn’t even matter on the day. I also say spend some time alone with the groom after you’ve got married, to really take in what’s happening and remember who the day is about!

Highlight of the day

There are literally too many to mention. Number one will be saying our vows to each other and that first kiss when you are pronounced man and wife. The party was amazing and to have all that family together is a memory that will last a lifetime. The custom vegan cupcakes we got were awesome as well I’m still eating them today.

What was your first dance?

I’m a huge Twilight fan and my best friend and brother collaborated and played and sung an acoustic version of Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years. I couldn’t have imagined anything more beautiful and meaningful to us.

List of wedding suppliers

The flowers were from catkin and pussywillow in Winchester.
My makeup and hair  was done by byootefel
The grooms suit is from noose and monkey
The grooms shirt is from Gresham Blake
The reception was at Hotel Pelirocco
The ceremony was at Brighton Bandstand
The meal was at purezza
The Brides shoes with from dolls kill
The cupcakes were from craving cake–  the cakes are also
available and supplied to loving Hut in the Brighton Lanes.

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