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BOW brides do not chase trends, they are always in style
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Since 2010

Founded in Winchester, Hampshire in the Autumn of 2010, Brides of Winchester remains a destination boutique for brides searching for gowns personally and knowingly selected for their effortless and unforgettable style, their exceptional and perfect couture design and their exquisite finish.  All BOW gowns allow their owners to demonstrate and joyfully show their personal and graceful bridal style. Our British bridal designers create highly sought-after gowns and accessories collection by collection, they are also ready to bespoke for any bride willing to push beyond a gown they fall for in the boutique.

We are committed to your wedding gown appointment being a rewarding,  personalised, and memorable experience. Supported by Laura and our small team of professional stylists at our city centre, intimate setting.

When it comes to our gowns, we seek out designers with industry gravitas,  magical wedding stories and exceptional creative processes we believe in and support. We know your gowns are created by these industry professionals with the ultimate care. We select dresses made to impress, satisfy, generate smiles and confidence, and all our collections are made in the United Kingdom. The shortlist we create from each designers annual collection selects the best gowns for our modern, design-focused brides requirements. 

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UK Designers for discerning brides

Luxury fabrics, and instinctive elegance.

We strive to curate a constantly evolving collection of gowns. This ensures BOW Brides don’t have to worry about dated styles, and out of style dresses. We have been told we have a meticulous eye for fresh, unique gowns and trends perfect for our clientele. Our aim is to ensure our BOW brides look gorgeous in their photos in 30, 40, 50 years, ensuring their wedding images are heirlooms for many generations.

We work to have our gowns, brides, and boutique featured around the web and in print on a regular basis and love to refine inspiration content for bold and fashion forward brides.

We are open by appointment only this ensures you receive the very best service 5 days a week days a week at our City of Winchester boutique.

Our gowns currently range from approximately £1,500 to £7,000, with most between £1,800 to £4,900. We highly recommend checking out our designer pages before scheduling so you can get a feel for our boutique and the style of dresses we carry as we specialise in specific gowns and shapes from our highly reputable UK designers.

We can’t wait to meet you, get to know you, and hear your love story (and all the gorgeous details of the dress dreams too of course)!

We hope you’ll join us behind the scenes on instagram to get to know more about us, our dresses, our brides, our inspiration story, and of course our wonderful boutique! Let’s stay in touch!

About Laura

Curated with effortless glamour and timeless style in mind, and ten years experience

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Our Values

Why should this be important to you?

At the heart of every successful boutique we believe is a set of unique values defining its identity and overall passions. While it is essential for us to curate, support you our clients it is our values and principles which allow us to service your needs to perfection.

We are not a cookie-cutter boutique, we have a strong foundation of proven extraordinary service and deeply satisfied past brides.

We hope these core values reach far beyond a usual ‘About Us’ page. We believe sharing them will instil an exclusive trust in our boutique, leaving you thoroughly understanding our one of a kind culture, and our promise of polished service, consummate knowledge and flawless style awareness!


Everything from the experience we offer our BOW brides to the promises we make and values we hold in our sector, the baseline is trustworthiness. We will always be honest, open & celebrate others for their unique individuality and abilities.


We have always actively sought out new ways to grow our boutique and will continue to do so. We always appraise the wedding sector for new designers and new styles. Bringing a growth concept into our collection selection, our processes, ourselves, & our wider community.


Made up of our designers, our BOW brides and wedding sector vendors from all over the world, our community is what inspires us and improves us. We value teamwork and authenticity in everything we do.


We strive to keep your appointments and interactions with BOW lighthearted, always remembering love bought you to us. We are aware and grateful everyday for our ability to spend our days surrounded by extraordinary gowns & delightful brides. We make sure to prioritise you having an amazing time with our team and your guests.


Our dresses, our space, our accessories and everything we create is done so with intention, commitment and care. We revel and celebrate the incredible UK talent available to you in our boutique, and constantly strive to expand to ensure we cater for your every need.


We are the straightest talkers and the most honest of boutiques. We curate collections, demand precision service from our designers and collaborate with you via  attentive and respectful lines of communication. Every day service is not something we provide our BOW brides.


We are a safe place for all our brides, our team, & our community where everyone experiences a true sense of belonging and encounters empathic hearts and open minds.

If you are still reading this, you are definitely a BOW Brides, so we look forward to seeing you for your first appointment soon.

Brides of Winchester

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