This week we are featuring our gorgeous Katrinia who wore Nerissa by Chanticleer. Their wedding was held on Saturday 27th May 2017 at The Tithe Barn in Petersfield, with photos by Julian Porter photography.

Tell us about the dress

I first saw my dress on the open day at the barn 18 months before the big day! The second I saw the dress I absolutely loved it! The shape and the detail were perfect and I just couldn’t stop wondering past to get another look. I hadn’t really thought too much about booking to look at dresses as it was so far in advance, but once I got talking to Hayley, I was desperate to get an appointment booked in. Luckily, on the weekend of my visit, Tracy Salt of Chanticleer was visiting too so I was lucky enough to meet the designer of my dress! I tried on such a huge range of dresses in all different shapes and styles but I just knew from the day I had seen the Chanticleer Nerissa, that it was definitely the one I wanted! From the second I tried it on, I didn’t want to take it off!

How did you choose your venue

Both my husband Adam and myself have bigger families so we knew we had to choose a venue that could cater for a lot of people. We liked the idea of a barn, with some nice grounds. When we visited the Tithe Barn it just looked beautiful. The high arches and lovely grounds were perfect for us.

How did you choose your photographer

I knew from the start that I wanted a photographer that came in a pair. Looking through wedding photos online, we really liked the idea of two photographers, capturing different parts of our wedding through the day, paticularly during the ceremony. I love these photos as some capture us up close, saying our vows and others are from the end of the barn looking up the aisle. We were lucky to get the best of both worlds. A friend from work recommended Julian Porter so we booked to visit him and his wife. They were so friendly and helpful and it was important to us that they really would blend into our wedding. They were great on the day, the guests loved them, they managed to keep the children entertained in photos and they just fit really well.

What was your wedding theme and how did you create it

We didn’t really have a theme as such. We wanted to make our invitations, and table favours ourselves to give it a bit of a personal touch and we decided to give small handmade boxes of personalised rock sweets as our wedding favours which the guests seemed to love. We didn’t want to limit ourselves to one particular colour theme, the bridesmaids wore a lavender grey and the boys were in navy suits with purple ties. Our florist did great at bringing all of the colours together with beautiful flowers with a mix of creams, blush pinks and purples.

What flowers did you choose?

Our flowers, and other barn decoration were organised by Michele at Someflower and they were beautiful. I dont know anything about flowers so went to her with a pile of pinterest ideas and an idea of what I wanted and she managed to capture everything I imagined. We had a little hiccup on the Thursday before our wedding … there was a heatwave and the anemones I had wanted weren’t going to make it to Saturday! Michele was great, I left it to her and she replaced them with huge peonies which were even more lovely! We had so many comments on how many flowers there were at the wedding and how lovely they looked.

About the cake

My Dad came to my hotel after popping into the barn on the morning of the wedding and when he arrived the first thing he told me was how great the cake was. Then, when I arrived at the barn and met with the registrar, she said the same! I was itching to see it as we had designed it from scratch with our cake lady (Sarah Louise Cakes). I really wanted a tall cake, but didn’t want too many detailed tiers, so went for 4 tall tiers, all quite simple, with some flowers in between. When I finally got to see it I was amazed! Sarah did so well, it was brilliant!

How did you feel on the morning?

Walking down the aisle and during  the ceremony – I was surprisingly calm on the morning of the wedding, calmer than my bridesmaids! It thundered very early on the Saturday morning and I was worrying about the weather, but by 10am the sun was shining and everything was perfect. We were all quite relaxed, getting ready at the nearby Park House Hotel and it was a lovely morning. Walking down the aisle with my dad was brilliant, he really put me at ease and we walked up the aisle waving to everyone who had come to celebrate with us! When I finally got to the front, I was nervous about saying my vows, but once I was up there with Adam, I forgot about everything and just felt so happy that we were finally getting married, all of the nerves just disappeared.

What was your first dance?

We chose John Legend, Love me now and arranged for our band, The Sparks to sing it for our first dance. Both Adam and myself spent months finding the perfect song and Adam came across an acoustic version online, which made our minds up for sure. Later on in the evening, the band also arranged for us to dance to Snow Patrol, chasing cars with all of our family and friends around us. Toward the end of the song they all came in to dance with us in a big group and that was a really memorable part of our day that we wont forget.

Top tip(s) for other brides

Just enjoy every moment, and be sure to grab some time with your new husband on the day, to enjoy it together. The day just fly’s by, but we have so many happy memories, all of the planning is worth it!!

Highlight of the day

I think both myself and Adam had the biggest smiles on our faces all day, it was all just amazing. Getting up the aisle and finally seeing Adam was a big highlight for me, along with when they pronounced us husband and wife for the first time, which makes everything feel real! Also … Walking through the long line of guests throwing confetti was so much fun, everyone was just so happy and it was lovely to have all of our friends and family celebrating with us.

List of wedding suppliers not mentioned above

Vanilla Catering, Fish and chip catering,  Caravanilla ice cream, Astare menswear, The rock people.

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